This week's "Eat My Shorts" selections are all just a little creepy, in one way or another. Some of the short films are about ghosts or the supernatural, one is about a very creepy demon indeed, and one is about what we might call our inner demons. It doesn't matter if you're watching these movies on a computer monitor at your desk or a laptop at a coffeehouse, and that the film you're watching is in the size of a Post-It note. The moods and tones are still palpable -- sweet, scary, or just plain fascinating.

Thanks to everyone who sent me links in past couple of weeks, either to their own short films or to films online that they saw and enjoyed. Please keep those links coming -- send links to your favorite short films to shorts AT cinematical DOT com, so I can gather and watch a new batch of films to recommend to you next time. You'll find this week's creepy-themed films after the jump.
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