It's been ten years since Ethan Hawke went to a genetically-determined future in Gattaca. He played Vincent, a naturally-born man with no chance to fulfill his dream of space travel because he wasn't a perfect, genetically-engineered man. The production found him his wife, a family and a messy break-up over the last decade. With that all behind him, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the actor is heading for the future again, but this time it's a future full of vampires for the new flick -- Daybreakers.

Unfortunately Mr. Hawke isn't playing a vamp. Boo! Instead, he's playing a researcher in 2017. (Or, maybe he's a researcher vamp!?) A plague has turned most of the population into bloodsuckers and the human race is becoming extinct. With their numbers dwindling rapidly, the vamps have two options -- catch and farm the humans, or find another blood source. As someone who has seen a lot of Buffy and Angel, I'd say animal blood, but maybe these vamps don't like something so pedestrian. Of course, just when all hope seems lost, a group of vampires discover something that could save the human race. (On the IMDb page, the plot outline says that a band of humans also fight back.) The flick comes from Undead brothers Peter andMichael Spierig, who co-wrote and will co-helm the production, which gears up this July in the land Down Under. It's a neat idea, and I'd probably watch it just to see if Hawke vamps out. It's time he changed things up a little.
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