Okay, it looks like someone has finally seen The Invasion, and the review they turned in to Bloody-disgusting.com is incredibly negative. "The Invasion ranks as one of the most misguided and ultimately terrible genre films in years," the reviewer says. "Reports of Warner Bros. being unhappy with the original version and bringing in the Wachowskis and James McTeigue to reshoot/re-edit the film have been all over the Internet for quite some time, and by God does it show." What about Nicole Kidman's performance? The reviewer doesn't exactly criticize her, but suggests that she's been completely left to twist in the wind, directorially. "Kidman uses three accents throughout the film, instantly zapping you out of whatever involvement you may have had with the movie at that point. She is saddled with the 'person who figures out something's wrong' character, and other than the accent trouble, she isn't bad." The reviewer also notes "you will often find yourself wondering why they didn't hire someone cheaper." Ouch.

So is there anything good to be said for the film? Yeah, the reviewer gives some praise, but odd praise. According to him, the film "takes some interesting turns and presents some truly fascinating ideas. Throughout the film, we are reminded of war via newspapers and news broadcasts. As the film progresses, we start to see things like 'Darfur Cease Fire' and Shiites and Sunnis reach agreement." Not quite sure how that's fascinating, but maybe the reviewer was feeling guilty so he threw that in. He also goes into the editing, which is apparently criminal. "I have no problem saying, without hyperbole, that this is absolute worst editing I have ever seen in a major motion picture." He then goes on to give some examples. The ending of this film is also discussed, so beware, if you decide to check out the review. As a fan of Kidman and the Body Snatcher movies in general, here's hoping this reviewer is either bogus or completely off his rocker.