Double Oscar-winner Hilary Swank has reportedly signed to play Evangeline Harker in the big-screen version of John Marks' vampire novel Fangland. The New York Post is reporting that Swank's company optioned the book for Swank to star, which she will, and describes it as a "Dracula meets 'Network' story. That squares with what I've heard about the book -- that it's basically Bram Stoker's Dracula only all the protagonists are news people instead of lords and ladies. Evangeline Harker is a producer for a TV news show called The Hour that's based on 60 Minutes (where Marks used to work) who is debating a marriage proposal and trying to climb the ladder at work when she unexpectedly gets sent to Romania to do a puff piece on a legendary criminal named Ion Torgu. She ends up encountering Togu, who is supposedly very much a Dracula figure. No other details were available in the Post item about the forthcoming production of the film.

Swank has one film already in the can -- the romantic dramedy P.S., I Love You, about a woman who finds messages that her recently deceased husband left her, designed to help her get on with her life. She's also supposedly attached to Labyrinth, a thriller about a woman with multiple personalities, and one of those personalities knows the identity of a killer, but I'll believe this one when I see it actually get off the ground. We also recently reported that Swank is developing a remake of Intimate Strangers, a French film about a woman who thinks she's seeing a psychiatrist, but the guy is actually some nut pretending to be a psychiatrist. Looks like she's got a lot to bite off.

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