The website for Hostel IIis now up and running, and in keeping with the atmosphere established in the original film, it's downright disturbing and sure to offend somebody (which, of course, is the point). The slick-looking Flash driven site opens with the sounds of a female voice begging for mercy, and with an apparently nude women hanging upside down with veins in her neck pulsing noticeably, and a strand of animated mucus dangling from her nose. Whether or not you check this out at work is up to you, but I suggest at least turning the sound off so your cubemates aren't wondering what manner of depravities you're scoping out on the net.

Once the page is loaded the trailer, which hit the web a while ago, begins to play automatically. Mousing over the passport in the upper right corner launches the site's menu, and brings up a random passport picture of one of the characters. A plot synopsis is available, plus cast and crew bios. The download section offers several desktop wallpaper designs, including the raw meat closeup taken from one of the teaser posters and the aforementioned upside down victim among others, and there are a handful of instant message icons. The gallery section features a baker's dozen photos from the movie and the menu item called "bid," whatever that may mean, is marked "coming soon." The design is pretty sharp, but here's a hint: once you've selected an item from the menu and it has loaded, you'll need to move the mouse away from the menu so the passport will retract and you can read the content.
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