It seems like Kenneth Branagh could have a thing for playing Nazis. Latino Review has reported that Branagh is in talks to star in Bryan Singer's WWII drama Valkyrie. Nothing is official so far, but according to sources, Branagh along with Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Fry and Patrick Wilson will be joining Tom Cruise in the story of German Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. Stauffenberg led a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler in 1944. The film was written by Singer and Christopher McQuarrie, and this marks their first collaboration with one another since The Usual Suspects.

If Branagh joins the film, it would mark the third time that Branagh has done a Nazi period piece. There was the debacle that was Swing Kids -- although he did have the foresight to have his name taken off that picture. Then in 2001, he played Reinhard Heydrich, an architect of The Holocaust in the TV film Conspiracy. You cannot help but think that Singer might have had that performance in mind when casting talks began. At least I hope it was that performance rather than the big-band hating member of the Gestapo. Branagh is still busy with his own remake of Sleuth with Jude Law and Michael Caine -- you can't deny that Branagh has always had a thing for the cutesy casting since Caine will be returning to the film in the role originally played by Laurence Olivier, and Law is filling in for Caine. Valkyrie is set to start production this summer, so if Branagh is planning on providing a little "Nazi menace" there is still plenty of time.
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