Last June, we shared some scary news by way of Moviehole -- the Coreys were going to get their own television show. That news became a reality, with the upcoming: The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys, where slacker Corey Haim comes to live with his reformed friend, Corey Feldman. My, how times have changed! Now the website has more lip-curling news for us -- the half desperately hoped for and half desperately loathed sequel to The Lost Boys, is one step closer to reality.

In January, Scott Weinberg shared the all-too-scary news that the flick was getting a direct-to-DVD sequel with vamps on surfboards. There's no mention of surfing in the latest bit, but I know better than to be hopeful about this omission. The Lost Boys: The Tribe now has a director in P.J. Pesce, the guy who helmed From Dusk Till Dawn 3. Excited yet? No? Me neither. According to Shock Till You Drop, he'll be teamed with a script from The Hollow scribe Hans Rodionoff. I'm sorry, but it's happening, folks, with production to begin next month in Vancouver. And what's worse than a potentially terrible sequel from a beloved hit? A direct-to-DVD sequel that puts bloodsuckers on surfboards. Moviehole is also saying that while Feldman was originally part of the cast, it is "not on the cards anymore." So, all-new cast, and all-new crappiness. Sure, I'm pretty negative about this whole thing, but that's because there was only one way for this to possibly work -- get the old cast back, up the camp and make it a movie for the fans, not a cast-off sequel that gives no respect to the original.
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