When I finished watching the teen dance picture Step Up, I didn't really know how to respond. My beliefs had been questioned, my faith had been shaken, my soul was born anew. I sat there in the theater as the lights came up, looking around at the other tear-drenched faces in the audience, and we all just knew. You know? We knew we had been a part of something special, something powerful, something ... important. Not a day has gone by since that I haven't wondered what became of Tyler Gage -- the rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore's tracks, and Nora Clark -- the privileged ballet dancer with the heart of gold. Watching the sparks fly between those two mismatched spirits, (both on and off the stage!) did this wintry heart good, and I've wondered about -- nay, longed for -- a day when we might be able to see those dreamers Step Up ... just one more time.

My dreams have become a reality. Step Up 2begins filming this July, with John Chu directing. Chu directed the 2007 Chinese film The Secret of the Magic Gourd, about "a boy who learns the meaning of work after a magic gourd grants him anything he wants." (I'm assuming it's a documentary). Step Up 2 will be set at the Maryland School for the Arts. There's no word yet on whether frequently wife-beatered heartthrob Channing Tatum will return or whether the sequel will focus on new characters, but I'm betting on the latter. With his performance in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints so well-received and his next film being the buzzed-about Kimberly Pierce drama Stop Loss, I'd imagine Tatum is on to more serious projects. On a side note, are you aware that if Tatum O'Neal married Channing Tatum, her name would be Tatum Tatum? Something to think about.

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