Hey, remember that fad about ten years ago to bring swing music back? Well, the music and the dancing may return to the spotlight once again thanks to a film called Love N' Dancing. The independent project, which begins shooting this summer, is being produced by a four-time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion named Robert Royston (check out his pic!), along with Sylvia Caminer. Written by Tom Molloy, who will also co-star, the film follows a bored English teacher who partners with a West Coast Swing dancer in order to win a world title. Of course, she has a workaholic fiancée, who she likely abandons in order to fall for the dancer. Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect) has been cast as the teacher.

Much of the popularity of swing back in the '90s was due to the success of Swingers, so there's a chance that this film could rejuvenate the past-time (look around L.A. and NYC -- swing isn't dead; it's only sleeping). However, if this means that we have to suffer through neo-swing garbage like "Zoot Suit Riot" again, I might have to kill someone. Love N' Dancing is being helmed by choreographer-turned-director Robert Iscove, whose American Idol-spawned From Justin to Kelly should give good evidence for why this new music-based film will not be the success that Swingers was. That and the fact that Vince Vaughn will not be in it.
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