Now here's some very amusing news. Remember last week when I pointed you towards an AICN rant about the new Die Hard flick being rated PG-13? Well, it looks like no less than Bruce Willis also checked in to enjoy that particular diatribe, and he didn't stop there: After a long and winding confirmation process, AICN was able to state that, yep, global movie star Bruce Willis was posting comments in their talkback section. (I'm not always a real big fan of AICN, but I gotta say the thread makes for some pretty fun reading -- and kind of a historic moment.)

Topics covered by Mr. Willis include: a few nasty words pointed towards Joel Silver; a mild defense of Hudson Hawk; a flip of the bird to Striking Distance, Sunset and Color of Night; a sense of disappointment regarding Perfect Stranger; a mild jab at Michael Bay; and tons of reassurances that, despite the now-locked PG-13 rating for Live Free or Die Hard, the movie's "as good as, if not better" than the original Die Hard. Now, I'm sure Bruce is telling the truth when he says he likes the new flick, but possibly "better"? No freakin' way, Bruno. No way.

Anyway, the mammoth reading assignment begins here and continues here. And here's where the confirmation was locked up, courtesy of iChat and The confirmation that Bruce Willis likes to leave comments at movie site message boards at three o'clock in the morning. I'll just add this knowledge to the very long list of "things I love about Bruce Willis." (The list dates back to episode two of Moonlighting.) And chin up, McClaniacs. I'm still not thrilled about the rating, but to be fair, there's plenty of PG-13 action flicks out there that don't skimp on the goods (I'm thinking Bourne, Smith, ROTK, etc.) -- plus I'd bet you ten thousand shares of Nakatomi stock that when Live Free or Die Hard hits DVD ... there will be an "unrated" version. Book it.
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