As near as I can remember and without doing any research at all (because opening up a second browser tab would be too much work), there have already been three different "region 1" Robocop DVDs: A bare-bones junker, a phenomenal release from Criterion and a pretty solid triple-dip from MGM. (And that third release also came as part of a trilogy set, which I'd recommend if you're one of the 19 people who adore both Robocop 2 and Robocop 3.) Well guess what, DVD junkies?

According to DVD Active, on August 21 MGM will be unleashing a 2-disc (steel-cased) 20th Anniversary Special Edition of Paul Verhoeven'sRobocop, one of the best sci-fi movies of the 1980s. (By far.) So while it's true that many of the extra features have been ported over from previous releases, this set will offer the theatrical cut AND the director's cut that features the infamous ED-209 scene in which he turns one unlucky executive into the world's bloodiest piece of swiss cheese. Apparently there will be three all-new featurettes, but the rest of the goodies (while great) are strictly recycled goods: a director / writer / producer commentary, deleted scenes, featurettes both archival and (relatively) recent, trailers, TV spots, the whole nine yards. And the cover is rrrrrrreally cool.

All together now: "I'd buy that for a dollar!!" Looks like MGM will be asking for more like $20, though. It's worth it.
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