Former producing partners Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna have sold the merchandising, licensing and film rights to The Terminator to another pair of partners who are just now dipping their toes into the movie biz. (The price tag was not mentioned.) According to Variety, a company called Halcyon now owns the property, and they're planning to re-ignite the franchise without the involvement of James Cameron or Arnold Schwarzenegger. A pair of people who are still connected to Terminator 4 are screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato, who also wrote Terminator 3 and have the T4 script already finished and under lock and key.

In related news, that Sarah Connor Chronicles series, which is also an offshoot of The Terminator, is still moving along quite well. Word is that Fox might announce the pick-up sooner rather than later. But back to the movie stuff: It looks like the fourth Terminator movie will focus on a thirty-ish John Connor as he struggles through a bleak future while inspiring people to fight back against the amazingly evil robots. But John should already know that, only a few years down the line, he'll be sending Michael Biehn back in time to protect Linda Hamilton from The Terminator. Yeah, so between the new TV series and this proposed movie trilogy (yes, trilogy), I'm guessing we'll have a lot to talk about, Terminator-wise, over the next few years.
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