I normally have a problem with movies about infidelity (there's just too many of them), but I rather enjoyed Separate Lies, the directorial debut of Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park). Apparently enough people liked the film to allow the writer-director to be hired for yet another magical fantasy franchise. This one is based on a series of books by L. M. Boston called The Green Knowe Chronicles. The first novel, published in 1954, is titled The Children of Green Knowe, though the film has been renamed From Time to Time. The plot follows the adventures of a boy visiting with his strange grandmother during WWII. Somehow the boy ends up traveling backward in time -- but as a sort of ghost -- and visits with older generations of his family, who help him to solve an old mystery.

The film will feature another great crop of British actors, two of whom are no strangers to magical franchises (hint: they appear in the Harry Potter movies). And of those cast, I will take a wild guess and say that Maggie Smith is playing the grandmother. I would love to say that Timothy Spall plays the boy, but I'll go ahead and assume he plays some other character. Rounding out the ensemble so far is Hugh Bonneville and Annie Reid, neither of whom are likely the boy, either. It will be interesting to see how well Fellowes is able to work with children and youth-oriented material, because both Separate Lies and Gosford Park were pretty much films for grown-ups (and no, I don't mean they were "adult films").

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