Recently, (actress?) Lindsay Lohan has gone on record saying she's all about taking on more serious roles. In fact (and I quote): "I want to get a nomination. I want to win an Oscar. I want to be known for more than, like, going out ... I bust my ass when I'm filming and when I have time off, yeah, I like to go out and dance." Well, the good news is that La Lohan has finally found a role in which she can utilize her strongest assets -- those being her sexy body and the desire to dance. The bad news ... well, I guess if you're a horny teenage boy, then there is no bad news here. While appearing on The David Letterman Show last night, Lohan confessed that she'll be playing a stripper in her next film, I Know Who Killed Me. Oh, and I should also mention that her character will be kidnapped, tortured and have her legs cut off. (Yup, here's where we need to do a background check on screenwriter Jeff Hammond.)

When asked more about her stripper role, Lohan said the audience will be seeing "a lot" of her, and that the pic is a "really dark, scary film." Hmm, so will Lohan be taking it all off in the name of an Oscar nomination (someone forgot to tell her that torture flicks aren't necessarily the type of material Academy voters are attracted to)? Or, will we get another Demi Moore-type performance, a la Striptease. Damn that flick! And damn you Demi! Oh c'mon, you know this film just moved up a few notches on your radar -- I mean, who wouldn't want to see La Lohan's nakeddisfiguredattractive body dance around a pole? Heh, now all those nights out at Scores strip joint here in New York City make a whole lot more sense. She was doing research! Well guys, you won't have to hold your breath for too long, as Saw meets a naked (but more serious!) Lindsay Lohan (aka I Know Who Killed Me) arrives in theaters on July 27.

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