I've given up trying to understand why Luke Wilson continues to land big starring roles. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy -- I just don't get him the way others do. That said, we're in luck -- he only has six more months to live. Oh wait, or is it his character that only has six months to live? Yes, Wilson has signed on to star in the dramedy (ooh, perhaps we'll finally see some emotion out of the guy??) Henry Poole Is Here, for Lakeshore Entertainment. Mark Pellington (who you old schoolers might know as the guy that helmed the classic Pearl Jam music video for Jeremy) has been tapped to direct.

Pic, which is based on an original script by Albert Torres, tells of a man (Wilson) who learns he only has six months left to live. Utterly depressed, he leaves his job, his fiancee and his overbearing mother and retreats into suburban isolation, where he finds comfort in pizza, twinkies and vodka -- a fine combination if I may say so myself. That is, until a "so-called miracle transforms his life." And, with help from his quirky neighbors, I imagine the dude has some sort of spiritual awakening. When Wilson is at his best, he usually has a multi-talented ensemble cast surrounding him; thus, allowing his dry, wooden shtick to bounce off someone else's humor. Based on the description here, it appears he'll have plenty of support. Henry Poole Is Here also marks the fourth film that Pellington has teamed with Lakeshore on; The Mothman Prophecies, Arlington Road and Going All the Way (which, actually, was the only other film for Pellington in which comedic elements were present) being the other three.

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