You thought it was weird to find Snakes on a Plane? How about zombies? Anyone down with zombies on a plane? Then get ready for Flight of the Living Dead (aka Plane Dead), an "in the can" B-level horror comedy* that New Line will be releasing stateside. Yes, it's about a zombie outbreak that occurs mid-flight, and don't even pretend that doesn't sound like some good cheesy fun.

Twitch has the press release, some international festival information and a handful of FOTLD trailers, so feel free to sift through those goodies. Fans of the schlock will want to know that Flight of the Living Dead stars Richard Tyson (Three O'Clock High), Dale Midkiff (Pet Sematary), Kevin J. O'Connor (The Mummy) and Erick Avari (also The Mummy) as the evil jerk scientist who unleashes a zombie virus on a moving plane. The filmmakers are nobody you've ever heard of, but I'll let you in on a little secret. Thanks to some connections with a few very reputable horror sites, I've already seen this flick. And it IS fun. Silly as heck, but also quite fast-paced, gory and amusing. Dare I say I found it even more entertaining than Snakes on a Plane? I might just dare.

No word on an exact release date just yet (and I can't be wrong in assuming this is a DVD-style acquisition), but you can certainly expect New Line to put together some sort of horror geek marketing push on this title. It's nothing brilliant, obviously, but I think it's a flick the genre fans are going to dig. The ones with a sense of humor and a taste for airborne zombie gore, anyway.

(* It's not exactly a horror comedy, but FOTLD exhibits a pulpy B-movie vibe that's completely intentional.)
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