We haven't even started to devour this summer's slate of blockbusters, and next summer is already shaping up to be quite the doozy. Amidst highly-anticipated flicks like The Dark Knight, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, Will Smith is gearing up to star in his own superhero-type role; however, this character doesn't come from the Marvel or DC universe. Instead, he's just some dude from Brooklyn ... who happens to be capable of kicking a tremendous amount of ass. In Tonight, He Comes, Smith will tackle a superhero who has fallen on hard times. No longer in the spotlight and itching for love and affection, our hero becomes a little too involved with a family in desperate need of some rescuing -- emotionally, that is. Directed by Peter Berg, pic also stars Charlize Theron (as a wife who begins an emotional affair with the superhero) and Jason Bateman (as a husband who wishes he can be more of a man for his family).

On paper, it all sounds rather depressing -- kind of like a low-budget, character-driven indie, but with a big-budget, superhero sort of vibe. For those interested in whether the script works, Latino Review has posted their, well, review of it. Since it basically goes through the entire film, revealing spoiler-ish plot points and whatnot, I will say that they gave it a fairly disappointing C+. That said, I never put a lot of weight behind these script reviews; LR doesn't mention which draft this is and things are always changing. For example, according to the IMDb description, Bateman's character is a PR professional. However, in this review, the character is a night watchman at a department store. So, obviously, things have changed -- and since we have no idea which draft this is, it's impossible to tell which version is more accurate. As far as LR's overall opinion of the script, they say: "The story is definitely filled with action scenes and never boring. Sure to be interesting, the only thing I hope is they don't put some corny ass shiny suit on this superhero because he is almost like every other man; human." I will say that I love the everyman approach they're taking with Smith's character, but will it be enough to compete against the big guns? I guess we'll have to wait one more year to find out.

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