Raise your hand if you love it when Eddie Murphy plays nine different characters in one movie. OK, hands down. Now raise your hand if you thought it was hilarious in Coming to America and The Nutty Professor but movies like The Klumps and Norbit make you nauseous. Yeah, I'm with the second group. (OK, Murphy's dual-role turn in Bowfinger was pretty funny too.) Looks like we'll soon have another such flick to ponder -- and it's not just another "Eddie Murphy in latex" comedy. Nope, this one will also be a "based on a silly old TV series" thing. Because we all know how awesome I Spy was.

Yes, old people, that show you used to watch on Friday nights after The Love Boat is about to make the leap to the silver screen. Multiple incarnations of Eddie Murphy will star in an adaptation of Fantasy Island, which (conveniently enough) comes from the writers who gave us the wonder that is Norbit. Not even remotely surprisingly, The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the movie will be a "family-oriented comedy," which is exactly what the Ricardo Montalban / Herve Villechaize series was: a family-oriented comedy. Ahem. (Oh, wait: I can see it now: Murphy will be playing a Spanish man with a verrrry thick accent AND a squeaky-voiced midget! This stuff writes itself!)

We can thank Sony for this brilliant idea. Murphy will get started on Fantasy Island once he's done shooting Starship Dave and counting all his Shrek the Third money. (And I gotta say it: Murphy opting to star in something called Starship Dave, after once opting to star in Pluto Nash, just reeks of masochism.)
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