Jeez, how to stretch this news into something approximating two meaty paragraphs ... ok, remember that Captivity flick that snagged some free press by posting forbidden billboard advertisements in places it wasn't supposed to and recently got bumped back a month in the process? That one with Elisha Cuthbert that sounds a lot like "Saw meets ... another movie just like Saw"? OK, well that movie finally earned a rating (and probably a thorough tongue-lashing) from the MPAA.

According to, Roland Joffe's* Captivity is rated R for "strong violence, torture, pervasive terror, grizzly images, language and some sexual material." I can practically hear the concerned moms now: "Hmm, pervasive ... torture ... Well, as long as its only some sexual material, sure, you can see it." And I can only assume the "grizzly" part was a typo, because nothing in the Captivity press notes indicates that there are any bears in this movie. (Although I certainly wouldn't be averse to a Saw rip-off that threw a ravenous grizzly into the mix!)

* And what ever happened to Roland Joffe anyway? Obviously I'm not knocking the horror genre, but to go from The Killing Fields and The Mission to ... Captivity? What happened there? (Hey that's over two paragraphs. That was easy!)
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