Despite the similar sounding title, the new film Escape From Planet Earth has no relation to the John Carpenter classic Escape From New York and its not so classic sequel Escape From L.A., and it's definitely not the proposed remake of the former that got Kurt Russell so hot under the collar not long ago. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, this film is a feature-length animated comedy about an alien prison break from Area 51, a concept that I think sounds pretty cool. The film is being produced by Rainmaker animation and financed by The Weinstein company who will also handle distribution. Ed Jones, who was an executive producer on Happy Feet, will be producing. Steve Nichols, who has served as an animator on such CGI-intense films as all three Star Wars prequels and the two most recent Harry Potter films, has joined the project as animation director.

Tony Leech, who directed 2005's Hoodwinked, will helm from a script he co-wrote with Cory Edwards. Harvey Weinstein expressed his enthusiasm for the project: "We are really excited about the team we've assembled and are absolutely thrilled to be working with Ed and Steve, whose experience and expertise is second to none, and with the fantastic team at Rainmaker." Producing with Jones are Preston Stutzman of Blue Yonder Films, Jonathan Shestack of Jon Shestack Productions, Brian Inerfeld of Protocol and Gregory R. Little of Rainmaker Animation. Rick Mischel is executive producer, and Jeremy Stein will co-produce. Weinstein Co. co-president of production Michael Cole and vice president of production and development Eric Robinson are overseeing the project on behalf of the company.

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