Ok, imagine for a moment that you're superstar actor and recent father Brad Pitt. You've starred in some of the best and most successful films of the last ten years, you're married to one of the hottest women in the world and, let's face it, you're regarded in most circles as pretty darn handsome. You've got all this going for you and it all adds up to a pretty great life, right? So, with all that great stuff in your life, what do you do next?

Well, if you are Brad Pitt and you're concerned about the environment, the Katrina disaster in New Orleans and you want to do something really good for people who need it, you do what Yahoo reports the actor and philanthropist is doing right now. According to the article, construction began today on homes in New Orleans devastated 9th ward that will eventually provide residences for about a half-dozen single-families, 18 apartments, a community center, play area and a park for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Also according to the article, this project will be made using recycled components and other "green" technologies including energy-saving materials such as metal roofing and recycled textiles. Pitt, who's contributed $200,000 to the project so far, including money to underwrite the contest to pick the design for the structures as well as a cash award for the winners. Said Pitt about the project's importance: "I'm crying out for one of our leaders to really make this a priority," he said. Good for you Mr. Pitt I say.
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