If you're one of the people who thought the Tomb Raider movies were terrific examples of quality cinema then you're in luck because, according to the UK's The Mirror, you might be getting a third installment of the franchise. I know, try to contain yourselves but according to the article, designer of the original Tomb Raider game Ian Livingstone recently let slip that he and Paramount were indeed talking about another go around -- even thought the second film performed far worse than the first.

Said Livingstone: "At this moment in time it's still not green-lit, but the signs are there." But wait, there's more! Livingstone also told the paper "They're willing to put a scriptwriter on board. Angelina Jolie has an option to do a third movie." So, Paramount is willing to commit to a script and Lara Croft herself may be back. Good news for fans of the first two films, right? Sure, I guess. I, for one, can't really get all that excited about another Tomb Raider film. As my colleague Scott Weinberg so eloquently put it, the producers sought to create a female version of Indiana Jones but instead, fell flat on their collective asses making two of the worst films he (or I) have ever seen.

Although, when he refers to them as "poop" I think he's been far too kind. Sure, Angelina Jolie has many fine qualities and really knows how to handle her, um, guns, but those are not the only things you need to make a good movie. You also need a good story and a director who has some level of competence. Two things the first films lacked in a major way. If they do decide to another Tomb Raider film for whatever reason, let's hope they keep Simon West and Jan de Bont far, far away from it. Instead, maybe they should let Quentin Tarantino take a crack at it? Now that would be a Tomb Raider movie worth seeing.
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