She hasn't delivered anything monumental since My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but actress/Oscar-nominated (ugh) screenwriter Nia Vardalos has been working hard enough to keep her career going. Following Connie and Carla, the bomb that was her follow-up to her big fat successful Wedding, she has written A Wilderness of Monkeys for director Tom Hanks (who co-produced Wedding with wife Rita Wilson), which has supposedly been completed, and the Greece-set comedyMy Life in Ruins. Also, she has possibly been working on a Big Fat Greek sequel. Her next script, though, has been announced as I Hate Valentine's Day, another culture-clashing romantic comedy in which she will again star. This one will be directed by Nick Hurran (Little Black Book) and will co-star James Purefoy as Vardalos' love interest.

Purefoy, who is best known for his work portraying Mark Antony in HBO's Rome series, will play a man who dates and then dumps Vardalos' character. The thing is, once rejected, the woman ends up falling in love with the guy. Originally, Vardalos wrote the male role as American, but she has since been rewriting the part for Purefoy, who is British. Now the character is being conceived as a foreigner who doesn't understand American women. Vardalos says the film, which begins shooting in Toronto this summer, will be for everybody (I doubt it will be for me), and will tackle the idea of forced and expected ideas of romance, particularly the kind of ideas that come with the Valentine's holiday.
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