The Godfather Part II'Tis the summer of sequels! Or maybe that was last summer. Better yet, Summer '05 sure had a lot of them. OK, so we can probably all agree that summer has become synonymous with movie sequels, and with more than a dozen hitting theaters over the next three months, Moviefone thought the time proper to honor the crème de la crème
in our ranking of the 25 best movie sequels of all time.

We have to say, it was a much more painless process than usual in combing the inventory here. That's probably because there aren't THAT many truly classic sequels, and for every Terminator 2, there's 10 Jaws: The Revenge and Be Cools out there. There were still a few on the bubble, though, and we're sure we'll hear from the masses about some of the omissions, like a certain swashbuckler sequel. Personally I'm disappointed no one around here shares my affinity for Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. If loving that movie is wrong, I don't want to be right.

But what are your favorite sequels of all time? What did we miss? And what sequel(s) releasing this summer will have us scurrying to revise?