Did you have trouble following the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest? Well, get ready to be more confused by the next installment, which arrives in theaters May 25. Entertainment Weekly has a cover story about the movie in its latest issue, hitting newstands (and my mailbox) today, which includes quotes from stars Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski. All three seem to be in agreement that audiences and critics are going to have just as tough a time with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

Bloom goes so far as to joke that writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio can't even explain what's going on in the new movie. Verbinski claims he doesn't mind if people are confused, though. He says the Pirates movies are made to be watched multiple times in order to be fully clear to the viewer. Of course, he seems to think that having a convoluted story means having a deep and intelligent story, because he goes on to tell the magazine that he doesn't want to dumb the movies down to where they are "processed cheese". He wants us to think about Pirates of the Caribbean afterward. Funny, I am one of the few critics who was able to enjoy Dead Man's Chest, but I never once thought about it afterward. Except maybe to tell someone how cool the Davy Jones character looks.

As for the critics, who universally panned the second movie (I didn't review it, unfortunately), Depp says they are going to attack At World's End just as much if not more. He understands the reasons why critics took "a dump" on the previous film, predicts that they'll "go below the belt" with the new film, and he says it's all "cool". The villains from the movies had a bit to say on the subject, too. Geoffrey Rush says that when you're doing such complex stunts and action sequences, you can't be thinking of the critics. Bill Nighy adds that the grosses point to the idea that the movies are doing something right, implying that the minority opinions of film reviewers don't seem to matter. Of course, Nighy will never have to worry about what critics say about him, as he's one of the most enjoyable actors working today. And Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will likewise not have to worry about negative reviews, because it will make a bundle regardless -- that is, as long as enough people don't care about being confused again.
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