So was I the only one addicted to the original Problem Child when it first hit theaters back in 1990? Remember that flick -- the cute kid with the red hair absolutely tortures his new adoptive parents (John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck) to a point when they just want to choke the little bugger, but then realize all he really needs is some tough love. And that birthday party scene? Classic! Anyway, Michael Oliver (aka the little dude with the red hair) is all grown up now, and he's about to star in a role that's eerily similar to the one he took on all those years ago -- except, now, he's much older.

Moviehole tells us that Oliver will star alongside Dirk Benedict, Dee Snider (yes, that Dee Snider), Bug Hall and Rae Dawn Chong in a new flick called Solitaire that, if I had to take a wild guess, will probably head straight to DVD. In the pic (which is being labeled a coming-of-age drama), Oliver will play a guy who, along with three others, go on a video-store robbing spree. "Quick, grab all copies of Problem Child and Problem Child 2 -- I don't want anyone to remember how unbelievably adorable I once was!" Oliver's last big-screen credit was as Sam Dalton in the 1995 flick Dillinger and Capone, opposite Martin Sheen. No word on why it's been 12 years since he last appeared in a film (either he had a crummy agent or he wanted to distance himself from his claim to fame), but I sure as heck am glad to see him back. You know what we need now, right? We need a new Problem Child sequel; however, this time Junior is the parent and his kid is a mess. Who wouldn't pay money to see that?

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