Conversations with Other Women, which opened last summer in the U.S., is just now making its way across the pond and the British Telegraph used their perfunctory interview with star Helena Bonham Carter -- or 'Helena BC' as they call her -- to ask about more current topics, like Tim Burton's upcoming Sweeney Todd and BC's role as the evil Voldemort henchwoman Bellatrix Lestrange in this summer's Harry Potter film. On the latter, BC is pretty blunt -- "I had five lines in that," she says. "I think they cut three of them -- and I was there for six weeks. I don't know quite how, to this day, I was there for that long. It really is 90 percent waiting. I mean, nice waiitng -- waiting's OK if you've got a trailer. I'm a very good sleeper." Perhaps sensing that her words might be construed negatively, she goes on to throw in matter-of-factly "It's fun to be a witch."

On Sweeney Todd, BC is a little more enthusiastic. "I've loved it since I was 11," she says. "I've always wanted to be Mrs. Lovett." She also talks about the dynamic of working with Burton on the film. "In Sweeney there have been times we've taken our 'couple life' to the set," she says. "And often, I should keep shtoom." [British slang for quiet] "I think my mouth just opens and I spontaneously say things that occur to me. And that can irritate him, and I don't appreciate it that much. I've written down certain commandments now that I know I've got to adopt. One of them is, I should generally obey, and he should have a bit more patience." The interview also strays into what has become familiar territory at this point -- asking BC about whether she enjoyed all those period costume dramas she did earlier in her career, and why she wanted to make a break and do Fight Club, and so forth.