For the first time in his career, Kevin Smith is preparing to shoot back-to-back films, but with each set in a different genre. Over on his View Askew message boards, Smith recently told fans that, as of yesterday, he has finished the script for his new comedy; all we know about that one is that it takes place during the winter and is set in Minnesota. Smith says, "Finished a script a few minutes ago. The comedy. 146 pages. I'll spend tomorrow taming it down to 120 pages or so. It's really funny, really dirty, and really touching stuff. Granted, I'm biased. Now, onto "Red State"... Two days later he stopped in to say, "So I spent the next two days trimming the length down to 120 pages, then turned it over to [Scott] Mosier. First test passed: Mosier loved it. Gonna make some more trims in the first thirty pages, and turn it in to the Brothers Weinstein on Monday, hopefully."

As far as Red State goes, that's Smith's so-called horror film and, as far as we know, that's the one he's shooting first. Last we heard, Smith told Rotten Tomatoes that he was going to shoot Red State later this year, followed by the comedy during the winter. I'm not sure how he can pull off shooting two films only a few months apart (Minnesota is a smart place, as their winters usually last well into April), but I guess we'll have to wait and see what he decides to go. The film we know the most about right now is Red State; Smith has said that the film won't be your typical horror flick as he's drawn inspiration from those extremist Church groups, with the Westboro Baptist Church (led by Fred Phelps) acting as his muse. But fear not, as soon as we hear more you'll be the first to know.

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