Peter Berg's military-actioner The Kingdom was supposed to come out this past spring, and got pushed to fall for reasons that escape me at the moment. Anyway, a new trailer for the film has just come online, and there's one thing I really liked about it -- it's scored to US2's "Bullet the Blue Sky" from The Joshua Tree. Aside from that, it strikes me as a sort of an unexpectional mish-mash of the Harrison Ford Jack Ryan movies, where American military professionals are trying to stride through a hostile Middle Eastern country and get shot at, and an Edward Zwick political action movie, with a lot of sympathetic reaction shots of locals trying to tell the Americans what's-what and so on. Also, I regret to say that, based on this trailer, it looks like Jamie Foxx has no intention of broadening his range, ever. Co-starring in the film with Foxx is Jennifer Garner, and I couldn't help but notice that she doesn't have a single word of dialogue in this entire trailer, which runs a good three or four minutes. What's that all about?

The flim's plot revolves around an elite team of FBI agents who are sent into Saudi Arabia to investigate the bombing of an American military base that killed an FBI agent and many other Americans. Somewhere along the way, they decide to enlist the help of a local Saudi and pretty soon they are picking up the trail of the terrorist bomber. Jason Bateman and Chris Cooper also have roles in the film and it's interesting to note that, although from what I understand, a few days of location shooting were done in the Middle East, the film was mostly shot in Arizona. I guess desert is desert, right? The Kingdom is set for release on September 28.