I'm sure most of the mega-brilliant Cinematical readers remember a German thriller from a few years back called Das Experiment (that's German for "The Experiment," by the way). It came from Oliver Hirschbiegel, who'd go on to direct the excellent Hitler flick Downfall and get semi-direct The Invasion before getting booted off the project by irate producers. Well, if you remember that movie (Das Experiment, keep up) or you happen to know about the 1971 "Stanford Prison Experiment," then you'll be happy to know that Christopher McQuarrie (a.k.a. the guy who wrote The Usual Suspects) will soon be making his own movie about the case.

The experiment involved segregating a bunch of college students into "guards" and "prisoners" -- and let's just say things got ugly. Mr. McQuarrie will also direct the film, which is something he hasn't done since 2000's The Way of the Gun. According to Variety, Icon Entertainment has just purchased the international sales rights, which means it'll most likely net a North American distributor some time relatively soon. Cast members include Giovanni Ribisi, Paul Dano, Jesse Eisenberg, Kieran Culkin and Channing Tatum. Production begins in October. And yep, they'll be shooting a good deal of the film at Stanford University. (And if you haven't seen Das Experiment yet, definitely consider it worthy of a Netflix placement.)
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