There are plenty of supernatural thrillers about demonic possessions -- although the last one I saw played more like an episode of Law and Order. Since the subject never fails to generate at least a little box office, it's no surprise that another film is on the way. Variety reports that the novel A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans, is undergoing its first treatment for the big screen. This is Evan's first novel, and the story alternates between the protagonist's "haunted" childhood and his life as an uneasy new father. The plot turns on murder, shadowy figures with tales of demons, and ghosts from the past -- so basically, all the things that go along with a supernatural thriller. It doesn't sound like the film is going to be a straight horror film, though, since the book has been described as follows: "Perched precariously on the precipice between horror and psychological drama, Evans' first novel explores the notions of demons -- how real they are and how real we are able to make them."

The book hasn't been released yet, but so far advance reviews have been pretty positive -- they would have to be considering it hasn't even hit the shelves and already has a movie deal in the works. The project has been set up at Paramount, where Evans had worked in literary development before embarking on his literary career. Since the project is in such early stages, it might be a while before we get word of a director or cast.

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