If there's anything more pathetic in the movie business than a witless novelty act who somehow struck gold and grew some delusions of talent, it's a witless novelty act who somehow struck gold and grew some delusions of talent -- but is blissfully unaware that his 15 minutes of fame have long since expired and so he still keeps churning out worthless garbage for the masses. Yes friends, I just got back from checking out the latest "Larry the Cable Guy" movie. It's called Delta Farce and it is, without question, one of the worst comedies I've ever seen. I know this is just one guy's opinion, but when someone who's seen about 9,000 movies uses the words "worst" and "ever" when describing a new film, you might want to heed that person's advice. And I use the word "film" not as a synonym for "movie," but to mean "very similar to that stuff that accumulates on your teeth when you forget to brush."

Since everyone even remotely connected to the conception, production and release of Delta Farce knows that it's a shameless piece of crap, the film did not screen for the press. As it was my assignment to review this film (thereby smashing all those fallacies that critics always have an enviable job), I decided to walk in to the experience with some high hopes. Sure, "Cable Guy" has tortured me with his worthless stand-up routines and that astonishingly awful Health Inspector movie -- but I figure if you HAVE to see a movie, your best bet is to walk in with a small sense of optimism. Yes, even if the movie in question features something called "Larry the Cable Guy." But just to be a jerk, I bought a ticket for 28 Weeks Later before walking straight into Delta Farce. A petty move, but it made me feel good.
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