Like most people of my generation, I really loved The Goonies when I was growing up. I was the perfect age for the flick when it first came out, and although I still enjoy the movie, I'd be lying if I said, well, the flick's a bit louder, goofier and dumber than it was in 1985. Still, a fun little confection that I do pop into my DVD player from time to time -- and like most of you, I'd be very curious to see Richard Donner bring the whole cast back together for a sequel. Apparently it's almost happened once or twice, but now it looks to be a completely dead project.

The final nail in the Goonies 2 coffin seems to have arrived in the form of a Richard Donner interview over at It's there that the very successful director of Superman, Scrooged and the Lethal Weapon series mentioned that Warner Bros. might be mounting a direct-to-video (shot in 11 days?) sorta sequel to The Goonies. Because that's what's popular and profitable these days: Delivering a bunch of in-name-only follow-ups to popular films and then unleashing them directly to video. (Anyone out there rent The Sandlot 3 yet? Didn't think so.)

Mr. Donner hints that he might soon be directing a Western movie, but it seems a foregone conclusion that a "real" Goonies sequel will never happen. But hey, we now have a DTV release to "look forward" to! Maybe they'll get Josh Brolin and Kerri Green to come back as parents whose kids go on a mega-cool subterranean adventure that involves pirates, gold and a budget of about $2.1 million. Sheesh. More details as they ooze out of WB's chintzy sequel division.
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