Yes, that's right: You could co-(co-co-co-etc.) interview Mr. Don Payne, Emmy-winning writer-producer on The Simpsons and non-Oscar-winning screenwriter of last summer's My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Mr. Payne, who doesn't need to change his name if he decides to take up pro wrestling, also co-wrote this summer's highly-anticipated Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ... and Cinematical's got the access to get your questions answered! Got a query regarding Fantastic Four 2 that you need answered? Then you've come to the correct movie blog, my friends, because Don wants to answer it!

All you have to do is jot your question(s) down in an email, send the email to this address, and then wait patiently until I can turn the questions and answers into something approximating legible articles. I could have cobbled together 12 or 15 interview questions on my own, but we decided to spread the wealth for a bunch of reasons: A) I already interviewed the man last year -- but that was way too early for us to start discussing FF2, B) I'm really very lazy, and C) We want serious questions from hardcore Fantastic freaks as well as fans of Payne's other work. So if there's something you want to know about Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, Galactus, The Thing, The Flame Kid, The Stretchy Dude or Inviso-hottie -- now's your chance! It's queryin' time! (Note: Mr. Payne may opt to skip questions that are A) silly, B) redundant or C) spoileriffic. Don't take it personally.)
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