It looks like a future for the Mexican bad-ass, otherwise known as Machete, isn't just a hope-inducing rumor. In March, there were rumblings that the short trailer for Grindhouse would become a direct-to-DVD feature. Cinema Blend believed it, our Jette Kernion didn't and I was just holding out hope. It didn't seem really realistic, and one would imagine that it would be even less so after Grindhouse failed to meet expectations. Yet the latest news has an even better future than we could've imagined for the man with the big knives.

While talking with the guys over at IESB, Danny Trejo has said that Bob and Harvey Weinstein have greenlit El Machete. The big kicker -- it won't be a straight-to-DVD release, but a feature film where the machetes in Trejo's jacket can shine larger than life. I'm not sure why they would choose to increase the film's scope after its partnering films did so poorly, but I can't complain. It's great news for people like me, who are huge Trejo fans. Then again, it'd probably get a bigger draw than a gorey, 3-hour horror film -- there's all those action fans and ladies anxious to see Trejo having manly moments with naked women and waterfalls. Or, at least, the former!

However, this tasty treat is also housed with some less-than-awesome news. Trejo also says that it might come out before Sin City 2. Coming after news that Robert Rodriguez might take on The Jetsons, and now a feature Machete, when in hell will we get the next Sinstallment? I'm hoping that none of these are affecting the Sin City schedule, and that all of this side-work isn't indicative of problems with the adaptation. But either way, at least we haven't seen the end of Machete.
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