Although he already staged one triumphant return after shelling out that abysmal love letter to his wife (the only thing swept away in, well, Swept Away was the career of its director), Guy Ritchie is attempting to make another comeback; this time, he's going to stick to what made him famous in the first place. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Ritchie will direct RocknRolla for Joel Silver's Dark Castle Entertainment. And, contrary to what you might think based on that title, it will not be some '70s-style rollerskating-themed musical comedy. Oh no, this pic is said to be in the same vein as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. So, basically, they'll be a bunch of British gangsters fighting over a missing bag of drugs while singing show tunes on roller skates. I dig it!

Ritchie, who also penned the script, plans to begin shooting the film this summer. With casting currently underway, me wonders whether Ritchie is still hot enough to land some big-name talent. Right off the bat, I think it's pretty safe to assume Jason Statham will make an appearance, as he's starred in three of Ritchie's four films. Apart from him, this puppy is way up in the air. If he's reaching into a hot British talent pool, perhaps we'll see Daniel Craig or Simon Pegg show up. Or how about Clive Owen? The dude starred in that Ritchie-directed BMW short film; maybe he'll be down for a little smash and grab action? However, the fact that Dark Castle Entertainment is producing doesn't exactly sit right with me. Should I even go near the last seven films they churned out? Let's see, amongst that lot we have gems like Return to House on Haunted Hill, The Reaping, House of Wax and Ghost Ship. Now I know why it's called Dark Castle -- that's the place Joel Silver dumps all the crappy films no one wants to go near.

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