When I saw Kissing Jessica Stein years ago, I thought Jennifer Westfeldt was going to explode on the scene. The film was a decent romantic comedy, and it seemed like one of those indie efforts that would pave the way to a Parker Posey type of career that jumps off from the low-budget and into the mainstream. That was six years ago, and for a long time, there was nothing but some television appearances and a barely-seen thriller called Keep Your Distance. Then, way back in November of 2005, Erik Davis posted about her sophomore feature, then called Ira & Abby: A Divorce Story.

It was filmed back then in New York City, and now it finally has distribution. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Magnolia Pictures has nabbed the U.S. distribution rights to the film, which is now called simply, Ira & Abby. It's described pretty plainly as "the tale of a neurotic New Yorker who falls in love with a free spirit," with a quote by Ray Price: "Staking out the comedic travails of sex, love and misunderstanding, Jennifer Westfeldt continues to establish herself as a chronicler of her generation." That is all sorts of vague, but Erik's original description makes things more interesting -- "a couple who, after marrying on a whim, ignite a chain of affairs involving their parents, execs and therapists." Between a cast that includes Fred Willard, Frances Conroy and Judith Light, and an audience award from the L.A. Film Festival, methinks Westfeldt is getting her second shot at fame. Or, maybe she'll just make us wait years in between each of her features.
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