If the news had been "Maria Bello to replace Rachel Weisz as the female lead in the Mummy series," that wouldn't be all that strange. But word from Variety is that Maria Bello will be stepping in to play the exact same role. Ugh, it's always weird when this happens, isn't it?

Apparently Ms. Weisz just wasn't interested in returning for a third mummy-go-round, and no amount of Universal green would change her mind. Which means than a very fine actress, albeit one not exactly known for big-budget adventure movies, has earned a place in one of next summer's big-time tentpole pictures. Good for her. (Ms. Bello is best known for recent work in World Trade Center, Thank You for Smoking and A History of Violence, in which she was really damn excellent.)

As reported earlier, the third Mummy flick will star Brendan Fraser as bandage-battling adventurer Rick O'Connell, Luke Ford as his 20-something son, Michelle Yeoh as a nasty wizard (?) and Jet Li as a mummified ol' emperor. Universal is hoping that the Rob Cohen flick (which was written by Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar) will re-invigorate the franchise and bring in lots of young new spectators. Guess we'll find out next summer.
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