For whatever reason, the other day my friend and I were watching Mission Impossible III. I had only seen it once in the theater, and remembered digging it, so we decided to throw it on the boob tube (in glorious HD) to take in another screening. During one of the many Tom Cruise jokes we were cracking ('Remember when this movie came out, and they said Cruise could run, like, 40mph?'), we started talking about what it would look like if the character of Ethan Hunt was brought into another franchise. I immediately thought it might be fun to merge the Bourne franchise and the Mission Impossible franchise -- ya know, make it so Ethan Hunt's next mission is to track down Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). For some reason (I dunno, maybe it was one too many birthday cocktails), I thought that would be a swell idea. Of course, my friend was adamant about James Bond also making an appearance; if only to pop into one scene to go, "Hey, I'm British." The Bourne Impossible 4: Things Get Tougher. Anyone? Anyone?

It was during that conversation where we began to discuss what other franchise cross-overs would look cool on the big screen. Of course, we already have a Freddy vs. Jason movie, and the Alien vs. Predator franchise is about to churn out another one of those flicks, but there have to be other characters that you'd like to see meet on screen for the first time. Heck, if it were up to me, I'd throw Superman, Batman and Spider-Man in the same film -- but make it a romantic comedy -- and work in a premise that has all three superheroes fighting over the same girl. Killer! Or, how about a film that teams up John McClane and Axel Foley? We could call it Die You Filthy Beverly Hills Cop. Oh man, I'm such a genius.

So, I ask you: Which franchise cross-overs would you like to see happen? And don't worry about which studio owns what, just have fun with it.

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