Considering the problems surrounding marketing for horror films, the latest and supposedly final poster for Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II seems downright tame. Until now, there have been close-ups of viscera, a headless Bijou Phillips, and a poster that was a combination of the two. Then we got another close-up of a woman bound and gagged in the nude hanging upside down. Considering the strange combination of violence and sex in the previous posters, I'm kind of surprised that this was the choice for the final poster. On the other hand, though, I know that uninspiring poster or not, fans of Roth will still run to the theater in droves to watch half-naked girls beg for their life for two hours -- not to mention some truly stomach churning special F/X.

The eagerly awaited sequel to Roth's 2005 horror has been providing plenty of different teasers and promotional clips over the past months, and Roth himself has been making the rounds in the media, being vocal about his lack of self-censorship when it comes to violence. But, in light of all the hoopla surrounding the posters for films like Captivity and debates about violence against women, maybe that's why Lionsgate finally went with a poster that could be put up on a billboard without causing public outcry. As most of us probably know by now, the story follows three American art students in Rome, who head to a remote location for a relaxing vacation with horrifying results. Considering this is a Roth film after all, I can only guess as to just how horrifying it is going to get.
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