And now I present you with the day's most awesomest story: Peter Iliff will write and direct a Point Break 2! Ever since watching Hot Fuzz last month, I couldn't help but began craving more Point Break. Though it's been a whopping 16 years since the original arrived in theaters (wow, I feel old), Iliff, who was anxious to move from writing to directing, decided the best way to do so would be to use the sequel to his very first script as his directorial debut. While in Singapore scouting locations, Iliff talked up the long-awaited sequel admitting that "there was some worry that re-visiting the characters I wrote back in 1987 would infuriate fans of the original chapter." Nah, I dig it -- my only concern is that Patrick Swayze might be a bit too old to kick some serious ass.

In the original, Keanu Reeves played a law enforcement agent who goes undercover as a surfer dude in an attempt to expose a gang of bank robbers, led by that hunk from Dirty Dancing. The film itself felt long (even though it was only 2 hours), but some of the action sequences (tell me you don't love that skydiving scene toward the end) rocked. For the sequel (which will be produced by the Singapore-based company RGM films for roughly $30 million), Iliff says it will pick up with Bodhi (Swayze's character) on the run and hiding out in South-east Asia. Yeah, I didn't think that stupid wave killed him at the end of the last one either. As far as Reeves and Swayze go, Iliff says they've been contacted, but there's no word on whether they'll star; as of now, the plan is to cast Asian actors in the main roles. Hey, I'm fine with that, so long as Bodhi doesn't all of a sudden become Asian. That would be odd. Supposedly, Point Break 2 will be released toward the end of next year.

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