If you're a serious horror fan, then you probably went through a "Hammer Horror" phase at one point or another. The Hammer studio churned out tons of low-budget but still kinda classy gothic-style noir-horror flicks throughout the 1960s and '70s, but the well dried up once everyone with a handycam started making their own horror movies. But it looks like a comeback is on the way!

Dutch producer / reality TV tycoon John de Mol recently purchased Hammer Films back from a bunch of investors who were content to live off the old flicks' income, but De Mol wants the production company back in full swing, producing at least a handful of horror flicks every year -- in addition to a new TV series he's shopping around town. Obviously this is very good news for horror fans the world over, as it'll offer another slice of horror that's decidedly different than the torture tales, the monster movies, the slashers, the sequels and the remakes.

I could go on and on about Hammer Films and how their films filled my bored Saturday afternoons as a kid and introduced me to actors like Oliver Reed, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee -- not to mention filmmakers like Terence Fisher, Jimmy Sangster and Freddie Francis -- or I could just point you towards the handy-dandy Wiki page for Hammer Films. In addition to numerous Dracula, Frankenstein and Mummy flicks, Hammer also produced the still-popular Quatermass movies. (Could that be a remake I'm smelling?) Expect the "New Hammer" to make some sort of slate announcement at next week's Cannes Film Festival.
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