*Apparently, some people still haven't seen last night's episode yet, so popular demand forced me to change my original headline -- stop reading now if you haven't seen it! Okay, you've been warned. I think it's safe to start taking David Chase at his word -- that there will be no Sopranos movie to launch after the series finishes its run in four weeks. In last night's episode, Tony murdered Christopher Moltisanti, perhaps the biggest character on the show besides himself, after Christopher nearly killed the two of them, driving off the road while high on smack. One of the biggest dramatic threads of the show is now finished, so any eventual movie would have to create for Tony some new love-hate foil to work around. That's assuming, of course, that Tony or any of the main characters even make it through the last three episodes. Some who claim to have picked up a little knowledge about the last episode are calling it "Shakespearean," and no one outdoes Shakespeare when it comes to blood and body counts.

However, Chase may have another idea up his sleeve for expanding the franchise beyond the current crop of characters. The MTV Movie Blog recently reported on a conversation between Chase and 'Oz' producer Tom Fontana, in which Fontana apparently floated the idea of basing a Sopranos movie around the main characters' grandparents, first arriving from Italy and presumably getting started in 'this thing of ours.' Chase told MTV "I had never thought about that. That was interesting to me." Just a passing thought, or something more serious? Who knows, but with HBO execs undoubtedly nervous about sailing into the 'post-Sopranos' era in a few weeks, there could be any number of deals being cooked up, either for a theatrical release or a future stand-alone HBO movie, perhaps.

By the way, for those who saw the episode, wouldn't a routine autopsy show that someone died of suffocation, not their injuries from a car accident?

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