In one of those increasingly rare moments, it looks like the movie-going public and reviewers are agreeing that Zach Braff's latest film, the romantic comedy The Ex, isn't worth the attention. In Scott Weinberg's review for Cinematical, he said: "I scanned through the cast list for The Ex I thought, "Hey cool, here comes a little under-the-radar comedy that I'd really LIKE to enjoy. I dig practically every actor in the cast!" It took about fifteen laugh-free minutes for me to get worried, 35 to get annoyed, and then another 28 to get depressed." With the weekend box office numbers in, it looks like the public is agreeing.

Of course, there was no way that Braff was going to de-throne Spider-Man 3, even with mixed reviews. However, it also couldn't match La Lohan's Georgia Rule and a bunch of other flicks. With a weekend gross of just $1,355,000, The Ex slid into to a comfortably disappointing #12, after the 7-weeks-out Blades of Glory. Is this final confirmation that Braff is a one-hit wonder (Did anyone like The Last Kiss?), or that he should stick to his own material? As much as I liked Garden State, what would bother me much more than Braff being washed up is that Jason Bateman will once again fade into oblivion. Luckily, Bateman has a number of chances to wipe away this professional blip, such as Peter Berg's The Kingdom and Tonight, He Comes. As for Zach, he's uhh, got Chicken Little?