I remember distinctly the first time I saw John Carpenter's horror masterpiece Halloween. I went with a group of other kids thinking we were so mature and could make it through the entire film without being scared. Boy, were we wrong. The film was intense and scared me so much that I was looking for knife-wielding psychos under my bed for months afterward. The film made director Carpenter and original "scream queen" Jamie Lee Curtis famous and became quite a phenomenon, spawning many sequels and imitators over the years. Now, with the trend towards remakes and "re-imaginings" of classic horror films, it isn't a surprise that Halloween is being given the remake treatment.

When last we dropped info on you about this film, our own Erik Davis gave you lots of stills from the film he wasn't impressed with because they really weren't scary enough for him and made the film look more like a "Disney musical" than a horror masterpiece-in-the-making Now, thanks to Bloody Disgusting, we have even more pics from the film that hopefully will do a better job enticing and scaring those of us who may be looking forward to the film's release or who are perhaps somewhat skeptical about the film and need some convincing.

Among the new pics are several shots of Malcom McDowell hopefully putting his own spin on the role made famous by Donald Pleasence, some shots of Michael Myers doing what he does best, one or two of Laurie Strode (played by Scout Taylor-Compton) looking more scared than in previous pics and finally, a nice shot of director Rob Zombie and some of the cast. Looking at the pics and the ones that have come previously, I have to admit I'm getting more interested in this film each time -- even if the first ones were not particularly scary. Granted, I'm usually not a huge fan of remakes and re-imagining, but it looks, at least from these latest pics, that Halloween may end up being one of the good ones. That would be nice, wouldn't it?