So far, all we've seen from the set of John Rambo (the fourth and final film in Sylvester Stallone's action-packed franchise) are a few pics of Stallone standing around, looking jacked. Oh, and then there was one of a beaten and bloody Stallone standing with his wife and kids. Now that was creepy. Well fans, the time has finally come -- Arrogantics has our first look at John Rambo in action (via an Italian newspaper) and, while he still looks jacked, at least this time he's in the midst of kicking some major ass. We're not sure what exactly is taking place in this pic (the newspaper just says it's a scene from Rambo 4), but from the looks of it, John Rambo has gotten hold of a pretty powerful weapon in which he's using to wipe out a whole truckload of baddies. Do you dig it?

Due out at some point next year, pic finds out hero retired and fixing boats in Bangkok. However, he's forced out of retirement when a bunch of Christan missionaries go missing in the jungles of impoverished Myanmar. As expected, it ain't gonna be easy bringing himself and them back home alive. Pic also stars Sam Elliott, Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden, Paul Schulze and newcomer Sai Mawng (as the badass Burmese Commander). Additionally, Dark Horizons has a few quotes from Stallone (apparently coming from the same Italian newspaper) regarding his reasoning behind putting together a fourth installment. He says, "The success of my last Rocky film offered Rambo a second life. I rewatched the previous films and I wondered, what is the current war today which goes by most unnoticed - those which immortalize genocides and violence and create mal-adjusted persons, rebels, mercenaries to wreck any peace ideal? I met war correspondents; I read a lot! Everyone that I interviewed answered me: there is a terrible political, social, religious war in Burma."

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