Remember that 700 hours of behind-the-scenes footage of Inland Empire that Chris Ullrich posted about last month? All of that was going to be whittled down into "the most current perspective on one of cinema's greatest directors and will bring to life his creative process and joy for living life to its fullest potential." The material has now been molded into a documentary called Lynch, which David Lynch is shopping around himself. Unfortunately, this time he is sans cow.

The director is shopping the doc to international buyers at Cannes -- all areas but North America, which likely means that he will take on the distributing task once again. Interestingly enough, whoever directed the film is a mystery. The person is credited as "blackANDwhite," and is said to be someone who lived and worked in Lynch's home, hoping "to present to the world the unique experience of being with David Lynch for a prolonged period of time, watching him as he creates on a day-to-day basis." According to Eric Bassett of Lynch's Absurda -- it is not Lynch himself who directed the documentary.

I wonder if that means it could be a family member, since it's pretty revealing to let someone come in to film you 24-7. That being said, Lynch must be prepared for the revealing aspects of such a shoot, since Bassett says that it "shows some rough stuff that I'm pretty shocked David let out. There are a lot of problems on the set. David admits he has no idea what he's doing sometimes." I'm wondering if these are Huckabees-level problems, or just general chaos? It'll probably be eons before we can see this, but in the meantime, a half hour of footage called Lynch 2 will be included on the Inland Empire DVD, which comes out on August 14. As for the other hundreds of hours of footage -- I wouldn't be surprised if bits get released here and there, on Lynch's site or his future DVDs.
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