Jason Statham reminds me a lot of Bruce Willis -- sometimes. No, the British bad-ass doesn't have an "everyman" sense of humor like Bruno did in the Die Hard flicks, but Statham just keeps popping up in action movies with his bald head and his gruff "likeability" ... and he just reminds me of Willis. I've been a fan of the guy since Lock, Stock -- and if I'm still a fan after sitting through Transporter 2, then I'll probably be a fan for quite some time.

And the guy seems to have settled into quite the comfortable little action niche. In his next movie Statham will play a hardcore, revenge-driven FBI agent who decides he's just got to kill an assassin called Rogue (as played by Jet Li). Up until a few weeks ago, this flick was actually called Rogue, but Lionsgate must have caught wind of that other (now missing) Rogue movie, and so now the Statham vs. Li action flick is known simply as War. Here's the trailer.

So the trailer looks suitably packed with action, and that's a good thing. Plus the supporting cast includes names like Devon Aoki, Luis Guzman and Saul Rubinek. On the other (less promising) hand, it looks like the director and bothscreenwriters ... are all first-timers. Guess we'll see how it all turns out on September 14.