John Stockwell has found considerable success directing fairly dumb but undeniably entertaining movies about ...well, let's face it, about hot girls wearing next to nothing. But did you know he used to be an actor? This was news to me, but the guy's had some pretty major film roles, including a lead part in John Carpenter's Christine and "Cougar" in Top Gun. Stockwell's next directing project will be Middle of Nowhere, "a bittersweet romantic comedy about a clashing mother and daughter." Susan Sarandon will play the mother, Eva Amurri the daughter. Didn't Sarandon already make this movie once? It was called Anywhere but Here with Natalie Portman, and the premise seemed pretty tired back then. And Amurri was in that one too!

According to IMDB, Sarandon has no less than seven projects set for release this year, including Enchanted and the long-delayed Mr. Woodcock. She'll also play "Mom Racer" in next year's Speed Racer. Amurri is probably best known for her role in Saved!, and she'll next appear in The Education of Charlie Banks -- directed by (it pains me to write this) Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst! In Middle of Nowhere Amurri will play Grace, "a young woman whose irresponsible mother blows her college fund on her younger sister's beauty pageant campaign." Stockwell's directorial resume includes Crazy/Beautiful (the touching story of Kirsten Dunst's rack), Blue Crush (the powerful story of Kate Bosworth's rack), Into the Blue (the moving story of Jessica Alba's rack), and Turistas (the thought-provoking story of Melissa George's rack.)

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