If someone gave you the option of either jumping in a pool of acid or interviewing Mike Tyson for thirty hours, which one would you choose? Well, we know which route director James Toback took because he's currently prepping a new documentary based on the rise and fall of this legendary boxer. With completion set for this fall, Tyson will cover it all -- I mean, tell me you're not dying to find out how one man can go from being married to the ultra hot Robin Givens to biting the ear off Evander Holyfield. Who does sh*t like that? I guess we're about to find out.

At one time, Iron Mike was regarded as the greatest boxer in the world; the man was a machine, with guns the size of skyscrapers. However, the pressure to perform -- coupled with the money, the power and the glory -- transformed this lightening bolt into a monster. A monster, mind you, who sounded like a seven year-old. Toback, who's probably best known for helping the 1987 comedy The Pick-up Artist, has been fascinated with Tyson since meeting back in 1985; so much so that the director gave Tyson roles in two of his more recent films (Black and White, When Will I Be Loved). According to Toback, "[Tyson] was honest about all the things that have highlighted his life, from the bitter divorce, the ear-biting, prison, to his becoming a sex addict. He is self-aware, smart and a totally fractured personality, and he made himself completely vulnerable." Personally, I could care less about the man. In my opinion, once you start beating women (regardless of your state of mind or how many drugs you're on), I have no further interest in anything you might have to say. But that's me. No word yet on a release date; ICM is scheduled to sell all worldwide rights.

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